What jobs have you had?

… selects, ok’s & then sends out the ‘prompts’? I ain’t tryna start nuthin’ … they are so uninspiring. As of late quite the opposite effect they’ve had on me … nowhere near tapping into my creative juices. So much so I tried unsubscribing but the memo was lost in the bland sauce. Before that I’d considered writing whatever was needing to come out no matter the ‘prompt’ as I’m doing right now BUT it could be me. I’ll change the way I’ve been seeing things & consider it a challenge. Good day all. See you tomorrow.


Everyone In My Ancestral Lineage

Who would you like to talk to soon?

And I do mean everyone! The time is fast approaching when this will finally be possible! I’ve wanted this for so long. For as long as I can remember. When every wrong on Earth will be undone, forever. I have vivid thoughts regarding the days ahead though I’m certain matters will be much more grand than anything I can hope for! So be it!


How do you feel about cold weather?

It’s beautiful in so many ways, both day & night. I love the ‘still’ of it, the ‘loud’ quiet during long dark nights, when the sky is crystal clear & the stars are all over the place! The sparkle of snowflakes mingling with the sunlight is unmatched, especially when the wind has something to say about it! The proper food clothing & shelter has its ways of making it doable … & a fire, let’s not forget a nice crackling fire …

Tammy David

I was a third grader when I first learned of Tammy. I’ve often wondered if she’s remembered me over the years. We were penpals! Having exchanged several letters between the two of us. She lived somewhere in Israel. I’m not sure if we exchanged photos or not. If we did I’d certainly recall hers if I saw it again. It’s been several decades & I still think of my penpal from Israel. I hope life has been kind to her.


I was surprised with a phone call then a visit by two people who cared enough & wanted to both see & talk with me 💕 …and didn’t leave without offering precious gifts along with an invitation! I accepted & am most grateful to/for them. Family & Friends

Decisions & Clutter

I once heard that clutter is a direct reflection of what’s going on in your mind. I couldn’t wrap my head around that because I believed that I was way more organized in my head than those piles of ‘stuff’ I’d accumulated in every room in my place that never seemed to go away. Confusing me even further it was said that the heaps represented DECISIONS that I was not confronting but avoiding day after day after day. BUT THEN someone broke it DOWN down & explained to me that EACH PIECE of paper, clothing & WHATEVER ELSE was in caught up in the clutter represented a decision that I was failing to confront & deal with. I understood THAT totally & made many a decision since! Ignoring it (the clutter) will never make it go way. Decide to deal with it then deal with it. It’s the only way. If nothing changes nothing changes.