But I’m the Crazy One.

When a GROWN ASS MAN will 1. hunt your daddy down on the street, 2. go by your mother’s house, 3. show up at your son’s job (being MORE THAN TWICE HIS AGE) asking about YOU, 4. KNOWING his numbers have been blocked for years now, 5. and THEN sit and wait on your property for you to come OR go, 6. BLOCK YOU FROM ESCAPE 7. & RUN UP ON YOU, LITERALLY, all over a period of MANY MONTHS, … what that mean? Tell me. My life has been littered with such ‘entitled beings’. I know them when I see them/hear them speak, close to immediately. These usually get right down to business … So do I.


Was going through some old papers and notebooks today with the purpose of parting with most off it filing & even packing bits. I’ve been dreading getting with this stuff for years. Yes years. I believe that I must go through every single piece of paper front & back. So I got started. I’d come across a notebook full of my personal thoughts from 2018. It was a blast from the past! I enjoy reading my entries after much time has gone by. I always always always see growth. I too see where I felt ‘stuck’ where I ask Jehovah for help & where I am vulnerable. I’m honest & much more open when I write & I absolutely love writing.