How Do You Show Love? #bloganuary

It is my life purpose to show love freely fully & without hypocrisy to whom it is owed. Even looking for ways to show it. How I’m doing in this regard, I’m sure I’m missing the mark. So again I find myself in a familiar place … the room for improvement! I also have the responsibility of loving myself. That is coming along nicely though I can do better at that too. #bloganuary


What Are the Pros and Cons of Procrastination? #bloganuary

Procrastination : to keep delaying something that must be done. to put off intentionally and habitually. procrastination is connected to negative functioning until an opportunity is lost. the bottom line is things are just not getting done. the act of procrastination itself can bring some degree of gratification due to the fact that you are temporarily relieved of doing the thing you need to do. but that is short lived since the task is still out there calling your whole name awaiting your attention. #bloganuary