All Summer Long

Remember when the bell rang (at school) & it was time to line up?!! I’d made it to the front a few times (little ol’ me). I didn’t, at all, like it at the very back. But anywhere in between was the place to BE! Everything would go on there! Talking, laughing, candy swaping, hair fixin’, plan makin’ for the rest of the day … when just about everything in our lives was so much fun. We went to school together, played together both inside & outside for years. We ate together, walked, rode bikes, skateboarded & caught many buses all over the place & back. We’d sit outside often times past midnight just talking after having played every game known to kids & then some! At times at night we’d have to either stay on the front & or were allowed to talk through the windows while inside! Then do it all again the next day, beginning early. We lived to be outside & according to every parent in our neighborhood we smelled like it!

Never Again

You know, it’s sad when a friendship has come to a fork in the road. It’s often times inevitable. At some point one must decide what is his/her load to carry & what isn’t. Just knowing you must continue on, as lightly as possible, will naturally move you to drop what isn’t yours or necessary for your journey. Be it much thought or no brainers. Either way, when you’ve come to the end of a road, the question is, “what’s next”. Am I gonna stand here & waste away for no good reason, just because? Go backward? Or move on with what I have/need? Me, I am on the road for a reason, I’m on a mission. I’ve got some place(s) to go & things to accomplish. Which way ‘I decide’ has sooooo little to do with anyone else. I started out with plans & have refined them along the way. When it comes time to part with another, I PART, wishing them well (truly) & carry on. It’s a wonderful thing to be free!