Guess What ?

I am over weight. So over weight that I am experiencing several problems due to it. Never would I have ever believed/thought I’d find myself with such a dilemma. November 2020 will be upon us in a week. Usually I curl up in a ball around mid autumn & stay that way until spring. I’m guessing this is precisely the cause of my new found state. For seven WHOLE months something could’ve been done about this but NO … I did nothing but made it worse all the while covid has been showin’ out. So now I must take measures like I mean it & double up, triple up & yes, quadruple up between RIGHT NOW without let up through May 2021 (8 months) & fight back. I can’t believe it. No point in being in denial now is it? THAT won’t do. @ 136 1/2 lbs … ideally @ 121 lbs

Friends In My Head

On August 14, 1971, I was in the same auditorium as & laid my very own big beautiful eyes on Michael, Marlon, Jermaine, Tito AND Jackie Jackson! I heard & watched them sing & dance to songs I’d been playing on my personal record player in my bedroom for what, at the time, seemed like foreverπŸ’• I was 8 1/2 years old. Almost 50 years later much of their music continually play in the background of my life. Michael has been gone 11 1/2 years & I miss him. He’ll find the new world way more peaceful & far more pleasant. Remembering Michael Jackson.