In Absence There’s Everything

Water. As refreshing as it is necessary. Life is absolutely nothing without it. No color. No taste. Perfect silence. Experienced outdoors without interference is absolutely everything! Without motion or threat it can be pleasantly piercing … deafening, leaving you wanting more of exactly that going forward. It’s what is absent that makes them both full. Water & perfect silence.

The Entitled

There isn’t a perfect person on the planet, I know. We are entitled to our individual opinions about whatever. I not too long ago was approached by another via phone & on the same day very shortly thereafter via parking lot of my personal residence. Both instances under the guise of doing good & representing the highest of authority took it upon himself to serve himself by being verbally abusive. I’d been listening & watching this person for months often & on a regular verbally assault other women, the same women, over & over. He had never said a word to me. I was ok with that. He could not take the chance of approaching me with such foolishness with witnesses & thought it would be a great idea to try me privately. I slept on it for 3 or 4 nights before I was able to share it with another in a position & with a responsibility to know. They were in agreement that the other had been out of line & improper. The three of us talked about it the following day. The offender played dumb for a few minutes in the beginning. Then quickly moved to altering greatly what was his story. He continued to lie, never owning any of his behavior. I’d already concluded that he was troubled some time ago & it didn’t stop there. After at least an hour of pointless slow gibberish, a huge waste of time really the discussion had to end. He called me twice after that impulsively picking up where he left of. Solidifying my impression of him. He told on himself pretty much throughout both phone calls. #RECEIPTS# Not getting through to me & me having made clear in no uncertain terms to him that I wasnt going to be his anything we haven’t spoken since. He couldn’t handle it. Not like an adult male. People like this are extremely dangerous & they remain this way for life. I can’t help him nor him me.

L O O K .

Life as we all, thus far, know it has had its way with each of us. One way or another. For this very reason, like branches on a tree, our experiences shoot and/or shove us inside out toward unforeseeable often times uncomfortable directions. Some land in good places while many do not. Yet, good doesn’t necessarily mean all good and bad can bring one to a place where determination & fight, for good, are absolutely needed but not readily found. It comes from within. So, L I S T E N .