Ups n Downs

It just occurred to me that it’s been decades ( & decades ) since I’ve jumped up & down on a bed. This is sooooo sad. I’ll bounce (on my toes) a little for starters! I ain’t tryin’ to hurt nobody! I then believe I’m gonna need either a much higher ceiling OR a very large trampoline!


I am sick & tired of repeating myself. Some things I’ve been saying for almost 40 years straight. To the same people. Over & over & over again. Sometimes I’ve raised my voice, gone round & round in many conversations that end up going nowhere. Ain’t nobody got time for that. As of THIS DAY … I do believe that I can show you better than I can tell you. No more Miss Nice Woman.

Here’s Where I Stand

I’ve found myself standing between men & addictions a few times in this beautiful life of mine. In what seemed, each time, to be ‘slow motion’ … he’d either hang his head low or look away, and without a fight, choose the poison over me, never looking back. When you know ‘where you stand’, by yourself or with others, stay in control … there’s plenty out there waiting to snatch you up … with no shame.

Call to Action

You’ve been duped. It is truly shameful for an over aged individual to readily hand over his/her thinking ability & decision making to another who’s CLEARLY psychotic. CLEARLY, I said. You’ve seen it. THAT makes ‘you’ in denial. You are in dire need of assistance. But if you ain’t brave enough to save yourself, that, too, is on you.