Pain Pain & Less Pain

Yesterday evening I experienced a different kind of pain in my chest. It felt like a tear, a clearing an opening had occurred. Narrow & downward. It happened quickly. Afterward it seemed to have unlocked other pressures pain & stiffness I’d been having elsewhere. Something’s are going on inside. I do wonder what they are/could be but that’s as far as I’m going for now.


I’ve Got an Idea!

I got the notion over the past couple of days that I would ‘take action’ in an attempt to crochet a neck scarf for a friend, for a friend! My friend will be surprised when she sees it. I’m not going to tell her in advance🤣. I hope our little friends will like & enjoy it. She may never know that I made it because I won’t be telling her either! The gift was to be a surprise from my friend to our little friend but it has proven very difficult to find a scarf to my friends liking nor anyone to make it. It’s been over fifty (50) years since I’ve done anything remotely similar. I’m excited by the ‘notion’. We shall see how it goes! I’ll keep you notified!🤣

Regular Schmegular

Lip feeling better. High just below freezing today. Coupla loads of laundry done. Organizing/reorganizing Butler ideas. Waiting for new wallet! Started out with the notion to ‘do’ IKEA. Thinking of Monsieur & the winter. Looking forward to weekend activities with friends & blessings! Little by little = catch up, keep up, get it done, get ready = be ready … as possible …