Beer and M&M’s

I got to spend good time with one of my sons today!💕 We caught up a bit, laughed, spoke seriously & honestly about a number of things. We went for a walk, & while out he introduced me to someone that has a great deal of respect & admiration for him because of his kind & genuine behaviors toward them. I was commended for having taught him, as best I could, during his formative years. I was happy, though not in the least bit surprised, to hear of his good deeds towards others, from their own mouths, often times. This has everything to do with decisions ‘he’ makes for himself & how ‘he’ chooses to show up in the world. I love my son, everyday!


Noise Cancellation

Today I became keenly aware WHY when most of the time I’m standing in the doorway of my sons room talking to him he’s looking dazed & confused, not playing with a full deck, lights on but nobodys home, etc. He’s thinking the same thing of me … ‘she must be dazed & confused’ … ‘she’s surely not playing with a full deck’ … ‘just standing in my doorway, moving her mouth NONSTOP without making a sound’ … thinking ‘mama not wrapped to tight’ … fully aware! So he was showing off his brand spankin’ new headphones to me, nice, I thought! “Put ’em on”, he said. So I did & one of my favorite all time songs begin to play! I’m looking at him, he looking at me … he starts talking to me BUT.I.CAN’T.HEAR.THE.WORDS.THAT.ARE.COMING.OUT.OF.HIS.MOUTH! His mouth was moving but I couldn’t hear his voice AT ALL! I burst into laughter realizing he ain’t heard a gem I been droppin’ for WHO knows HOW long! It’s all good though!

This Little Lady

I met a older lady today that displayed a most entitled spirit. I’m not judging her. It was what it was. One thing after another, no lie, I left before it was over so I can’t say how it ended. Things could very well still be going on, I kid you not. The law had been broken and she actually asked and expected several others to participate. No one would and this upset her. Her demeanor changed for the worse. She failed to acknowledge all of the help she had received from several. It reminded me of the scene from The Color Purple when ‘this little lady’ drove (with no problem) Oprah’s character to spend time with her family and no sooner than Oprah got into the house, greeted her family and sat down to eat, she forgot how to drive and insisted that Oprah get back in the car with her to go back to wherever it was from which they came … then drove off like she was in a Nascar race. ‘This little lady’ started off deceptive, pushed us all until we all said ‘no’, then her true colors began to wave … like a red flag.