Boys and Their Toys

Yesterday, a little boy in my local Target store, single handedly got my attention at the self check out. While pointing to MY scanner (with one hand) and NOT the scanner he and his guardians were at looked me straight in my eyes (and with his other little hand) handed me the ‘goods’ suggesting that I “get it”. ‘It’ being a small yellow school bus. Bless his precious soul! He knew it had to hit that scanner before he got outta that store! SO! I reached for it! He let it go! I scanned it and then gave it back to him! He took it kindly from my hand smiled so big and began to play with it! Of course Target was watching! Have fun little boy!


Dear Friend

I haven’t heard from one of my closest friends since the 23rd. She hasn’t returned any of my texts nor answered any of my calls. I’m worried sick. This isnt our normal. I did put forth effort to reach out to ones willing and able to check on her. I’m sure matters are underway to see about my dear friend.

Forever In View

Death is truly an enemy. It has never been a friend to anyone. It was never part of mankind’s purpose. Originally we were to praise God eternally! The chief opposer wasn’t having that, causing the opposite. Cutting many lives short and directly preventing many the possibility. HOWEVER, our Creator, able to undue the damage death has dealt us, will soon make himself known to those who exercise wisely his gift of free will. Choose to know him now or be forced to know him later.

Tracks and Whistles

When I was itty bitty I witnessed my Daddy leave the house on many cold dark mornings to go to work for Missouri Pacific Railroad. The house would smell like whatever my great grand mother would prepare for his breakfast and lunch. All bundled up and with his things the wood stairs would quickly creak with every step he took toward the front door. I loved that sound. I still love the sound and feel of wood beneath my feet. “Be particular” Mama would say to Daddy as he was just about out the door. He’d answer in the affirmative, a word or two, then the door would shut. Most mornings I was not awake for this display of love and duty yet I remember so much about it when I was. Afterward I was back in bed on those early cold winter mornings … memories.