Jehovah’s Righteous New World : Glimpses Into My Imagination (rough draft #1)

On a slow early autumn morning I lean against the porch post sipping a favorite hot tea Having offered praise & thanks to my creator for the comforting security & peace given me I consider how my day may unfold I’m sure to have a good walk, spend time with friends, shampoo my hair Our skies are overcast & it will surely rain & there is a mild breeze. Breaking thought I turn to return inside & around our kitchen table comes little girl with her barrette box in tow💕. “Good morning”, she smiles as she leans into my body face first! “Good morning little girl”, I respond as I let go of my big cup with one hand to hug her in. “You’re up early”, I say. She sits her hair stuffs down in her chair & heads for her morning drink & says “I have a good idea!” “You do”, I ask with excitement as she always has the best ideas. May I have my room on the small back porch for awhile? That is my favorite place. “I don’t see why we can’t make it happen, when do you want to move? TODAY she answered with her big pretty eyes shining at me as she twirls around the kitchen floor with her bare feet! We will make a big day of it! She is full of life, love … & gratitude. Thank you Jehovah


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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