Noise Cancellation

Today I became keenly aware WHY when most of the time I’m standing in the doorway of my sons room talking to him he’s looking dazed & confused, not playing with a full deck, lights on but nobodys home, etc. He’s thinking the same thing of me … ‘she must be dazed & confused’ … ‘she’s surely not playing with a full deck’ … ‘just standing in my doorway, moving her mouth NONSTOP without making a sound’ … thinking ‘mama not wrapped to tight’ … fully aware! So he was showing off his brand spankin’ new headphones to me, nice, I thought! “Put ’em on”, he said. So I did & one of my favorite all time songs begin to play! I’m looking at him, he looking at me … he starts talking to me BUT.I.CAN’T.HEAR.THE.WORDS.THAT.ARE.COMING.OUT.OF.HIS.MOUTH! His mouth was moving but I couldn’t hear his voice AT ALL! I burst into laughter realizing he ain’t heard a gem I been droppin’ for WHO knows HOW long! It’s all good though!


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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