Today …

My day began early rested & high pressured. I put water on for tea then sat up my desk for ‘work’. As soon as I got started my eldest began to text me. Before I knew it we were talking. That didn’t last long. He got another call & I had at least three to make & a deadline to meet, TODAY. Needless to say NOTHING was gonna get ‘done’ on ‘this’ day. Tomorrow either. I did what I reasonably could, left it all (it’s still spread out on the desk), got dressed & headed out for a hair cut! I LOVE GETTING MY HAIR CUT ! 💕 Well, I enjoy the entire experience! The waiting, the conversation with the stylist, the sound of the scissors, being spun around in ‘the chair’, the mirrors (big & small 😂). On the way home I stopped by the grocer. I enjoy doing that as well, because I like to eat too! I’ll face it all again in the morning, on top of what tomorrow will be bringing.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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