Yes, She Did Try Me

Yesterday, a friend ended our conversation by saying “this is the third time I asked you to do something & you said no”. When I am unable/unwilling to do something/anything I will not play with the answer. Nor might I offer an explanation. However I did let her know that I’d gone out the day before in my car & over did it/ overheated due to my cars air conditioner not working. She said in response that people in Africa would drive ‘that car’ without air conditioner. According to her she’d asked several others who’s answers amounted to ‘no’. No IS a complete sentence. Nothing else needs to be said after that ( in my opinion). She mentioned this being a matter of life & death. HERS apparently, never mind mine. She didn’t even ask what had happened to me while I’d been out in my car in the triple digit heat the day before without air, nor how I was feeling/recovering, WHY NOT, because she didn’t/doesn’t care. I at times can’t/won’t do ‘last minute’ stuffs. She & I both are part of an organization where order and peace are a must. She had not subjected herself to this arrangement & was not happy about me bringing that to her attention. I know we all like to do things our way but when there are arrangements we must stay in line with them. You can’t get mad at ‘me’ because ‘you’ don’t want to follow directions. HAD SHE DONE HER PART from the start, I wouldn’t be writing this piece. What I’m not going to do is be accused of mistreating anyone because I can’t/won’t do whatever is asked of me. I am aware of what I am able/willing to do. Stop asking! I’m not an african taxi driver. I’m living a ‘whole life’ over here that you have no clue of & wouldn’t understand if I were to spell it out for you. I am not at your beck and call. Some/many things we must just simply do for ourselves. THINK. PLAN. DO. WHITHOUT INVOLVING OTHERS. It’s called taking care of yourself.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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