Like I Used to Do

When I was much younger I used to move the furniture & things around in my room often. I loved doing it. I’d put the Jackson 5 albums on & go to town! If it were a weekend I’d tune in to the radio & listen to countdowns & other specials. I’ve torn up several phones/cords dragging them around while I stretched to every corner high & low of my room. Sweeping … mopping … dancing … chilling … But now? It ain’t nowhere near as fun as it used to be. Today I decided was the day to move my bed dresser & wardrobe to lay a very large rug underneath. It will cover the majority of my room. The problem with that is it’s past my bedtime I’m tired & want to go to bed NOW. I’ve moved so much stuff around & out of my room … ain’t no telling WHEN it’ll be back together. I’ll work on getting my bed situated & get to the remainder tomorrow.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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