Mama Johnnie

Mama Johnnie is my great grandmother on my maternal grand fathers side. She appeared very old when I was very young. I was afraid of her from the inside out. I don’t remember her voice nor her face. What I do remember is she’d sit on the side of her bed during my visits with a white/pale colored gown/house dress on & her legs were riddled with something, red scabby patches. Her hair was white, not quite shoulder length and a bit messy. She looked Caucasian. As did my grand father her son. She’d reach for me to come closer to get a kiss on my forehead from her. She’d put both her hands on the sides of my head/face pull me in plant her kiss & set me free. I never got to know her. I don’t even know when she died. I look forward to meeting her/getting to know her when she’s resurrected with no ailments when she’ll grow younger every day and can enjoy the real life with her family and friends! It all will be so grand. #bloganuary


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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