Ivory Soap

I’ll never forget bath times courtesy of my great-grandmother at my grandmothers house! Then, it was the deepest widest bathtub I knew. The water was always either a bit too hot or just right bringing out in my skin red undertones & the perfect cool sweat! She would always say theses words, “stand up … turn around … sit down …” amongst other things having nothing to do with my bath. I was so fascinated with the bar of soap though … it seemed ‘alive’ as it would float all around the tub carried by the constant movement of the water … impossible at times to catch when Mama would ask me to ‘get it’! Ivory Soap was its name & making fond bath time memories for me was it’s game. I last used Ivory soap, I think, was in my teenage years. Decades later I can still smell my bath water. Nothing can compare to the scent of Ivory soap. #bloganuary


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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