What’s A Lie You Tell Yourself?

‘That one day someone, anyone,would come along & ‘get it’, understand me fundamentally, simply by observing & listening … by wanting to, for unselfish reasons’ … & not giving up so incredibly quickly & easily. Including & not limited to friendships. I’m grateful that I do well by myself, even preferring it. I understand that if one doesn’t understand him/herself, having NOT done their own shadow work, would surely be unable to grasp the essence of me. So it doesn’t upset me in the least bit … I just carry on. When matters become one sided for me, as they often do, I have to take my leave. HOWEVER, I’ve had success over the years with a handful of wonderful people! I, too, expect that they expect what they expect out of me & I am willing to show up reasonably. So, I no longer lie to myself when new people enter my space/world/life thinking that ‘this one’ will ‘get it’, be willing & able to go deep & remain true to themselves … because it often times ain’t true. #bloganuary


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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