Most Disturbing ‘Colorism’ Video

I happened across a video a few minutes ago that was quite alarming. A self proclaimed young woman talkin’ loud but not saying nothin’ on the subject of colorism. Ok, c’mon. AS IF ‘WE’ who consider ourselves black, BECAUSE we were born to two black parents & brought up black, NEED ANY. MORE. DISTRACTIONS. She spoke out the side of her neck concerning black men for literally five seconds not making a point at all. But it’s every light skinned woman’s fault that she mad about ‘some thin’. Every human skin color is determined at the moment of conception. Our parents can’t pick it NOR CAN WE. She sounded like a fool goin’ round & round in circles with complaints regarding dark skinned brown skinned and light skinned women. AS IF she chose & was GRANTED the color skin she’s in in order to get on MY nerve today. Heaven, help us all … no matter the color skin we’re in. AND before any of you decide to git wit me … save the drama for your mamma.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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