New World Blessings

It’s been another wonderful day! The sun has set & the moon is new. We’ve made it home & are settling in. The far away long rumbles of thunder following the stretched out lightening announces the rain to come. Having taken my bath & wrapped in robe I head for a large cup of tea. I love the teas! The raindrops have arrive on my window is if knocking to be let inside. Making my way to them both I think & say aloud, “oooh, come on in …” & it doesn’t hesitate! I reach for several potted plants around my assigned space & line them up on the sill for a part of the action … the sounds of the rain on the roof making its way in a free fall from just above our third floor dwelling is more than relaxing … it’s a beautiful symphonic gift from Jehovah above. Backlit with a single candle in my personal cozy space I lay on the floor close to it all … til the new morning comes.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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