Narcissists Aftermath

When I began my journey to learn who I was after having learned about narcissism & it’s ravaging affects, & the absolute horrid real life problems it causes everyone touched by it, I was dead serious to recover & survive. Literally having to allow myself to fall apart as I watched parts of me die forever then put myself back together was no easy way of being everyday & every night for years. Yes, it took me years to pick up other people’s trash, return it to them, bulldoze the carnage & care for myself as I built myself anew. I did/& continue to do the very best that I can in this regard. I love myself & appreciate the gift of my life & abhor narcissistic ways in every individual & will (moving forward) have nothing to do with them once I know that this is their way. They are happy with themselves, never seeing a need to change therefore forever remaining their same ugly destructive selves wreaking havoc in the lives of everyone that they can with no remorse. No one is immune, not family not friends not strangers. They are on the hunt for what they need & they will get it from you, one way or another … before you know it.

Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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