Harry and His Wife

… I can’t go on with Harry & his wife. It’s not like I’ve been ringing them up nor they me. Since I’m the one responsible how I ultimately spend my time. I’m taking my time energy peace of mind life back. They only remind me of the abuse I’d suffered at the hands of the family I was born into. What I already know is that this will not turn out well for either of them. I don’t need the details of how/when it will end. I’m aware of what I’ve been looking at. Many can’t see it for what it is. Some don’t want to see it. Some refuse to see it. Some might never see it. Once seen however it cannot be unseen & this is where I am with them & people like them. It can’t end well for them & I will spare myself of the details remaining leading up to it. I will not be looking at/for updates any longer on their goings on since it was never any of my business. It’s just been a gross waste of my time really & I ain’t got no more time to devote to what in my eyes will amount to nothing. I’m out & may I never return to it.

Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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