I don’t know who, & I’m not asking, told you my name was so & so. I didn’t tell you that. You heard me tell someone else my name. You question me. So I tell you what my name is. You won’t let it go. It disturbs you that my name is this & not that. Ok. You say you’re so used to calling me that yet we hardly ever, close to never, talk in order for you to use either name with any sort of regularity. Who you talking to where you are so accustomed to using any name concerning me? This is a first for me someone distressed about what my name is/ain’t. I’m not having another conversation with you again about my name. Trust & Believe. Bring it up to me again & you’ll be ignored as if you’re invisible.

Big Old Babies

Let me tell you, guilt trips go nowhere with me. I see right through them, pretty much immediately. They remind me of temper tantrums. Who’s gonna ‘do what you want’ after such an episode? Who’s gonna pursue association with another who believes such behavior will work or let alone be acceptable. I can’t. I won’t. That is too much playin’. Gotta leave you right, here right now.

Time off

It’s been a busy few weeks! Much has been accomplished, now several of us are free for awhile to rest & enjoy ourselves. As is the custom, we linger in company in order to get to know one another better. With another beautiful sunset on the horizon we all slowly begin to call it a day going our separate ways. I’m on foot headed toward my place on Earth in no hurry. I smell rain coming & the breeze in the air is perfect, of course! I’m thinking as I am walking alone about what I’d like to do over the next few days. My nails could use some attention & a friend & I are going to make a morning out of pressing each other’s hair in a couple of days. The two of us were invited along the beach for dancing sometime soon with friends old & new! I’ll bring my sticks just in case!


… do I understand you better than you understand yourself … why do you size me up from a distance … why do you feel threatened by me … why do you insist on trying me while in defense mode … why do you think I want anything/anyone that is yours … why do you behave so insecurely … why? Do you know why? Do you know how to be honest … with yourself?