What Was Your Dream Job As A Child?

As a child I don’t remember thinking about a job. That was something that grown people did. I do remember as early as second or third grades there being ‘Career Day’ at school. My impression of that was just a field trip without having to go anywhere. I’d heard of ‘work’ but didn’t really understand the concept. I did have thoughts of what I might want ‘to be’ when I ‘grew up’ but no point was made/understood that I would soon before long become an adult who needed money regularly! It wasn’t until my mid teens that I started to even think about it & of course I was so behind it wasn’t funny. Let me just take the time & answer by saying astronaut & ballerina. In that order. How does one know that he/she does not know what he/she does not know? But my dream job now that I AM an adult … is a whole other story … of which I am in pursuit! #bloganuary


What’s A Lie You Tell Yourself?

‘That one day someone, anyone,would come along & ‘get it’, understand me fundamentally, simply by observing & listening … by wanting to, for unselfish reasons’ … & not giving up so incredibly quickly & easily. Including & not limited to friendships. I’m grateful that I do well by myself, even preferring it. I understand that if one doesn’t understand him/herself, having NOT done their own shadow work, would surely be unable to grasp the essence of me. So it doesn’t upset me in the least bit … I just carry on. When matters become one sided for me, as they often do, I have to take my leave. HOWEVER, I’ve had success over the years with a handful of wonderful people! I, too, expect that they expect what they expect out of me & I am willing to show up reasonably. So, I no longer lie to myself when new people enter my space/world/life thinking that ‘this one’ will ‘get it’, be willing & able to go deep & remain true to themselves … because it often times ain’t true. #bloganuary

‘Happiest’ Day of ‘My’ Life?

I’d have to draw from a period of roughly 7 years the many moments, hours, & sleepless nights over where & when I learned just how cruel some people can be. Including those who ought never be on such a list of individuals. I learned at the same time that it was now my sole responsibility to protect love & nurture myself & to never relegate another with this precious duty. But I had to learn how to do it, what it was gonna take for/from me to get it done the right way & continue throughout all my days. Meanwhile, I had to stop caring about a few choice individuals, abruptly & completely. ‘&’ about what the ‘shift’ was gonna look like to others. Believe it or not, you will lose people when you set out on such a journey to take care of yourself. And a journey it has been! It ain’t no point A to point B … & it ain’t for sissy’s, let’s be clear on that… it’s a straight up journey … a beautiful one … at times difficult, exhausting, & lonely but worth every minute of it. Truly. I know myself now and will admit I had no clue before. I am kind to myself & have a good sense of what’s good for me (& what is not). I have no problem saying NO. I’ve too learned that ‘no’ is a complete sentence, no explanations. This is one of the greatest things I could’ve done for myself, my health & my sanity. Without the unnecessary outside negative energy draining interferences over this crucial period of time, I’ve become quite the human being … that ‘I’ love & appreciate. What another may think of me otherwise … is none of my business. #bloganuary