What Y’all/You Trippin’ Off Of

It’s my potential. I’m not askin’, none of you, nothin’. Some call it shadow work. Some live a lifetime & never come close to understanding why … idiots … are everywhere. They have an unspoken language when they should be communicating (with you). But when they are up to no good (which is much of the time) they do talk, to all that will listen, non stop. It is the ‘idiot’ that participates over and over again in this bad behavior, by listening to the one(s) threatened by another’s potential, for years & years & … need I say more. It began when I was born & it has not stopped, smh. Have you learned to read between the lines? At some point making the (absurd/stupid) decision to erase my existence (in their mind), business as usual, moving forward with my husband & my offspring. GO FIGURE. Where they do that at … again, I’m not askin’ none of you nothin’. Take a look around. When an individual believes that what’s yours is theirs … your life is in danger. When you are eye witness to this kind of behavior & it’s alright with you, you are an idiot. I’ve long ago, packed up my potential … & moved elsewhere. Don’t start nothin’ … won’t be nothin’. You WISH you were me. It’s because you lack substance.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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