I Now Know Why. Canadian Residential Schools

For a few years now Canada has been calling me, loudly. Unlike any other time in my life I have fallen in love with the cold wild. The wisdom from above is seen in ALL of creation. It cannot be missed unless one unwisely & willingly suppresses it. I’ve, too, recently learned of the horror being the Canadian Residential Schools. Mankind is the ONLY creation completely OUT OF ORDER. EVERYTHING TOUCHED BY MANKIND IS A MESS. From our Earth into outerspace. It is awful the crimes inflicted one against another. Even worst the entitlement displayed after the fact. Spanning our entire existence. Back to Canada. The great news is, very soon, our Creator is going to undue EVERY UGLY THING mankind has ever done! Straighten it all out. Bringing to justice the unjust. I am looking forward to life for awhile in Canada (likely renamed), welcoming the dead back to life in the resurrection! The children and their friends & families that suffered from such wickedness. Each of them deserve tender love & respect & the chance to live a whole good life absent of fear & death ever again. It takes a special kinda someone to commit such evil, then go on with their lives. Besides what I’ve been drawn to by Canada (this spot on Earth), I now know why. The resurrection of ALL of the children of the Canadian Residential Schools. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Would you like to be there?


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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