Chris Rock – Will Smith – Jada

I didn’t watch the Oscar’s live. I DID wake up early the following morning to get a heads up on a few things in order to get my day underway properly. I INSTEAD was met with sad & disturbing news & video footage of will smith assaulting Chris Rock LIVE on the Oscar’s STAGE the night before. DAMN. At first it looked fake to me. It STILL looks fake to me. I analyzed it every which way I could, trust. Between then & now I’ve only seen the footage given us a handful of times. My brain in order to protect my weighed down soul said to my eyes “ NO MORE.” I don’t know any of these people. Not even a fan. I have over the years come into contact with their work. I haven’t spoken much at all with my friends about it. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. Never the less it has been too much just knowing it happened. This really & truly is waaaaay more than someone slapping someone else. Everyday since Monday morning I’ve felt as if ‘I’ was assaulted. By will smith AND JADA. Imagine that. The saddest of all is the vast majority will altogether overlook JADA’S greater major role, NO PUN INTENDED, in this real life DRAMA. She’s now turned her attention toward the world. I’m out.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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