Real Life Matrix

Our birth mother hated me from the beginning. I didn’t have a chance. Problems she had with my Dad became my problems, for life. Didn’t want us to get along when the next one came along & managed it quite successfully early on & DOWN TO THIS DAY, some 59 years later. Living through her, her self-centeredness greed deceit hate & envy, she was to be everything our mother wasn’t/failed to be. CONGRATULATIONS. To the both of them. When the last entered the environment, he was groomed for his role of dysfunction. Never love unconditional for any of us. Everything always conditional. They didn’t want me (their well deserved loss, I’m good, TRUST & BELIEVE) yet they’d help themselves to my relatives my friends my husbands my children my grand children my inheritances. This is pure insanity. The effort put into a way of such an existence is crazy & it must be most miserable. I’m convinced that it is. Those who go along with it without question or independent logical thinking nor reasonableness are equivalent to cattle being led to their slaughter. Lining up willingly. It’s frightening, the damage, one truly narcissistic parent can inflict on just about everyone they’ve encountered over the course of their lifetime, right on down to their deathbed I’ve been told. I do have pity for a few, but not all … though not much of it.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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