All Wrong

In helping a friend this morning I pulled into & parked in the wrong driveway. Knocked on the wrong door. Apologized! Left car to run next door to the correct house. Spoke & received the goods. Ran back to my car still in the wrong spot, loaded up the goods, apologized once more then headed out to deliver said goods. Got to delivery location. I again got out of my car & quickly headed inside. It was/still is cold outside, reason for all the running. After signing in I got lost twice & had to call for assistance. I thought I knew where I was going since I’d been there many times but NOPE. Finally inside & unwinding, I realize that I’ve left the goods in the car! I organized myself, my keys, box & additional keys for mail. Back to car then back up to deliver. My throat is sore & my lip is tingling. I’d like to be ‘through with it’ for a few days … so, be through with it then!


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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