In My Dreams

Atop my already nicely sized three story home I discovered another level! I’d been sorting it out for weeks in my head how livable it may come to be. There were three bedrooms up there & a full/large bathroom. One of the bedrooms was quite small but had its own bathroom with a deep/wide closet. Right outside the doors of each room was a common space that could lead either way to the next level down, a short route & a long route. I don’t remembering experiencing what may have been along the long way because I was distracted by the new found knowledge that there were alligators living out back in the water that I’d waded in & now my children were playing in. In convincing disbelief I hurried to inform the boys but they’d already discovered & made friends & were playing with the alligators & would not leave the water. It began to rain vanilla yogurt the ground beneath became slippery & unstable while life carried on …


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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