Older (yes) But Wiser (not so sure)

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

I learned a lot about a number of things. I’ve been thinking lately about one particular ‘thing’ that I’ve been learning so much about & how much it has changed me in ways that I don’t like. I thought & still think that some of the knowledge was necessary/useful but it has me in a mode that I feel stuck in & I want out. I’ve got to combat this situation I am now in while living my life to the full positively. This will require a concentrated effort from my inside out. I’ll start with ‘the mirror’. The ultimate one. The one that doesn’t lie. The one that can & has made a difference in the lives of so many before me. The trustworthy one. The self discipline I will need to be successful is tremendous but I do have help. The best available. My motivation isn’t where it ought to be but it isn’t altogether missing & if I’m honest with myself I’m not at all focused rather highly distracted. So, what good is knowledge when the wisdom to use it is lacking? Me, in a nutshell, for the world to see/read/know/witness. Things about to get real, in some shape form or fashion. Just about everything has to change.


Author: Nikki In a Nutshell

Inside Out!

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